Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section covers most of the issues faced by developers. If you cannot find the solution, please post your question in google groups

Neutrino uses InetAddress of java to find the HostName and HostAddress. Docker has the issue of not setting the hostname when running with the option --net=host. Check the link
HA Proxy is developed using C and inherently efficient. But modifying HAProxy, for example, loading configuration from DB instead of a file is difficult. Neutrino SLB strength lies in its programmability and customizable nature. It is very easy to customize and adapt to a existing topology.
Not much. As long as you use the host network stack inside the container. Advantage of running in the container is that, you don't need to worry about installed libraries and OS version
Yes, you need to update the source code. Please search for slb.conf and there will be two references
Scala has experimentally support of Java 8. Please use Java 7 for all your production use case
Only openjdk can be re-distributed. For all your internal usages, you can use Oracle JDK
You can only bind to ports less than 1024 if you are root. Please run Neutrino as root if you need to bind to ports less than 1024
Dockerfile is written for a general purpose SLB. If you have specific use cases, please change the port range and push the docker image to your docker hub.
Please go to and change the logging level. Rebuild Neutrino