Neutrino is shipped with a Metrics and API server which is helpful in checking the traffic and pools configured. By default the server will listening at port : 8079.This feature is not freely available in HAProxy.

Metrics page shows both data about both the data traffic and http requests.

  • Upstream Traffic. This is traffic between SLB and Outside world.
  • Downstream Traffic. This is traffic between SLB and Servers.
  • HTTP Requests - Number of http incoming requests
  • It also shows HTTP requests classified by each HTTP response code


Pools page shows the list of pools loaded from the data source. This page helps to see all the current pools in Neutrino. Each pool in the list is a hyperlink, by clicking on each pool, you can view more details


Servers shows the list of servers configured and show the pools name associated with it


Refresh the pools configuration from the datasource. It is a "GET" API and it triggers the Neutrino to refresh the data. Neutrino will do the diff between the pools in its memory and pools in the data source and only update the modified/inserted/deleted ones.